Why i want to attend towson

Click Choose what to clear underneath Clear browsing data. If you want to go to college to learn Psychology or Human Geography, go somewhere else.

I am so upset that me and my friends are transferring next semester. The updates are frequent too. You must be ambitious in order to get involved and stay involved on campus.

Any club you can think of is on this campus. Essentially, Towson is only concerned about your money. I can tell you that her experience at this school has been amazing! My academic advisor was wonderful and we still keep in touch today.

Although some dorms had kitchens and huge living rooms. I had several people who witnessed the conversation when we explained that we were first semester transfer students and filled out the prospective member paperwork.

Very good program at Towson. Click Show more, then make sure only the box labeled Location permissions is checked. On the plus side, the students are very friendly, helpful and fun.

They are doing something right. I have never received any job from the degree. There are also a number of interesting classes to take in addition to core requirements regardless of your major.

You are a walking money bag.

5 Reasons I Chose To Go To Towson University

For psychopharmacology, my professor let us bring an entire 8 x 11 page of notes to each exam, and there was no cumulative final for either of my psych classes.

Make sure you click Allow or Grant Permissions if your browser asks for your location. I do not have a meal plan so I do not go to the dining halls that much. I was constantly disappointed with my elective classes. I also enjoy swimming and climbing the rock wall in Burdick Hall. I commute, I go to class, I leave.

Believe this educational approach will develop me into a well-rounded academic who is prepared for a career in this diverse world.Discover why Towson University has been named a best value university. See admission deadlines and learn how to apply for financial aid. Admissions Counselor “Don't be shy, we want to learn more about you.

Do not hesitate to share your extracurricular activities. We like to see students who are engaged in their community and involved in.

People are discrediting your experience because the reasons you're giving to not attend the university can and will be found at most colleges. You sound like you're setting unreasonable expectations.

You're going to Towson University, not even the best school in Maryland let. Describe the type of student who should attend Towson University. Why? Search Search. Explore Noodle Open Describe the type of student who should attend Towson University.

Why? Tweet Share Share Pin It. Follow You must be ambitious in order to get involved and stay involved on campus. You must want to thrive and go after your dreams to. These are the 5 reasons why I chose to go to Townson University! 1. The Four Seasons. Towson is located about 10 miles outside of Baltimore, which means it doesn’t have the brittle winter feel a city university does.

Being in its location in the United States, Towson has the luxury of all four seasons; Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. 4 reviews of Calvert Hall College High School "Quality education and great friends. Could not ask for a better High School than Calvert Hall.

Would send my son there without reservation." If you want your son to get started in the right direction before college this is 4/4(4).

Towson University Reviews

Feb 13,  · Update 2: I just want to stress the fact that I would rather attend Towson for the lifestyle aspect. Update 3: Also Maryland is about DOUBLE the tution and I Status: Resolved.

Why i want to attend towson
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