Uniqlo in hong kong business essay

UNIQLO strives at developing merchandises of high quality, in assorted aggregations to enable the company to make the highest possible figure of clients. The organization is one of the apparel manufacturer and retailer in Hong Kong.

They like to explore underlying concepts and enjoy being challenged by complex activities and projects. Athletic or active wear was perceived to be the closest replacement to insouciant wear as manifested by the flourishing athletic wear industry.

The primary ground for a concern being is to go on placing consumer demands and so come up with touchable responses to turn to these demands.

The importance of training and development will also be discussed.

Adults are motivated to learn as they develop needs and interest that learning will satisfy. Reaching more and diverse consuming group, the dress industry is both a stable and unstable industry. These was done informally. Harmonizing to Doshi, people in HK and elsewhere hold a turning involvement in private labels.

Despite these facts, UNIQLO maintains the spirit and still believed that the trade name has merely but manner frontward. As such, the challengers would be endangered when it comes to presenting advanced merchandises.

Reflectors think before they act and they require information to analyze. Furthermore, the film overing limit on the insouciant vesture household could be besides seen as an chance for replacements.

Harmonizing to Toklemerchandise distinction is what separates the top rivals from the remainder, but it something that is non dearly-won to copy. Since a trade name name is built overtime it becomes dearly-won to copy thereby supplying a sustainable competitory advantage in the dress industry Groucutt, Lydley and Forsythp.

Using trade names as a market power beginning ; nevertheless, this is a challenge for every vesture company. The organization has an effective training and development programs for the sales staff.

Nevertheless, international trade names are concentrated in high-end consumers while domestic trade names are for low-end consumers Doshi, Demography or the population features may find purchasing forms and that understanding demographic alterations within a peculiar part or topographic point facilitates finding whether merchandises and services would appeal to clients every bit good as the figure of possible clients Barney and Hesterlyp.

Competitive advantage could be achieved one time the administration learns to pull off its capablenesss that the terminal consumers could appreciate and rivals would happen troubles copying Porter ; Roney The different sources of information for the needs assessment are individual or group interviews, survey questionnaires, observations, focus groups and organizational records and documents Sims Stable because choice monetary value and quality merchandises are the chief component and unstable because there are many factors that affect both monetary value and quality.

For UNIQLO, such purpose could happen based on the established schemes such as low cost direction, cheapest industry and selling agendas and prioritizing client demands.

Uniqlo In Hong Kong Business Essay

Let us commence our discussion with the definition of learning. Design and Implementation — After the training needs are identified and the goals and objectives determined, the next step is the design and implementation of training or development programs that will achieve those objectives.

Secondary research was done in order to apply theories to practice. With the help of the Internet, UNIQLO uses online sales to access larger groups of customers which also contribute to the globalization process.UNIQLO is a new Japanese company, inspiring people to wear casual.

Its holding company is Fast Retailing Company Limited. UNIQLO, which is the mainstay operation, has enjoyed strong growth. Uniqlo In Hong Kong Business Essay Many concerns exist and flourish because they are successful in fulfilling a demand in the market. These demands are determined by the consumers who are considered an of import constituent of any concern enterprise.

Hong Kong has many companies which can substitute Uniqlo such as H&M, GAP, Bossini and Giordano. Uniqlo is not the only choice for customers to choose.

Customers have many choices to choose. Besides, customers do not pursue for brand, they just pursue the price, cutting and quality. This make UNIQLO’s success in Hong Kong, this can proven by its increase in outlet from 1 stores in to 22 stores inaverage 2 new stores opening in Hong Kong.

Report on Organizational Culture of Uniqlo and Giordano

When compare pricing of UNIQLO HK with other markets, HK’s pricing comparative higher than China and Japan. The focus of the report is the UNIQLO store in Hong Kong located IN Tsim Sha Tsui shopping district. Introduction Organizational learning has become an important issue these past decades.

And as ofthe company are also operating in Hong Kong, China, United Kingdom, South Korea, France, Singapore and United States. UNIQLO formed the idea of blending of ‘unique’ and ‘clothing’ as an symbol of originality and uniqueness of the apparel industry in Japan.

Uniqlo in hong kong business essay
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