Significance and use of english as a formal language in kerala

All schools and colleges are run by both public and private sectors. This fact may be consequentially implicated with the acquisition of English in that incorporating chunks of pre-fabricated English structures does not involve independent, extended ideation in it.

Even in rural areas, hoardings, sign boards and the nameplates of shops and services are all primarily in English even when the clientele are unlikely to be English literateapparently irrelevant and seemingly insensitive to their actual intelligibility to the public at large.

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Redundant factors in second language learning. Thus, all children will have been exposed to English at least as a subject for six years before they leave school after grade 10, and for eight years when they reach university.

Is the fact that most manage to pass the examinations good enough reason for complacency? There is a double shuffle when local organisations in Kerala with Malayalam names are abbreviated into English alphabetic initials and those initials are then written in the Malayalam syllabic script in the print media.

The examination expects them to be familiar with the literary texts and make critical evaluations on many issues based on the texts. Finally, there is a great deal of desire, will, and motivation to be competent in English for a variety of reasons, the most important being the need to seek careers and opportunities outside the state.

There is virtually no weakening of syllables and all words are pronounced as they would be if they were written in Malayalam. When developing business applications and websites, using the correct formality can be extremely important.

If an application uses peoples contacts, it could be important for specific individuals to be categorized and highlighted in different ways.

Many pan-Indian festivals, though not unfamiliar, are not celebrated in Kerala. Besides which, there is little point in being innovative as the system is far more conducive to compliance than resistance.

English in Kerala: Plus ça change?

A word or two about the nature of the linguistic ethnography and the nature of actual English language used locally might be relevant here as it is indeed an indirect reflection of both the product and process of English acquisition and also what is visualised as normal English by the English-educated Keralites.

Language politics or pragmatics? Private sector schools mostly have English as the medium of instruction as well as a subject, while public sector schools teach mainly through Malayalam but introduce English as a subject at least five hours a week by the time the children get to Upper Primary level.

As mentioned, virtually all higher education is in English. There are no reliable statistics available specifically about the English literacy, or English proficiency and competence of Malayalam speakers compared to those of other states, but considering the significant trend among educated Malayalees to seek and find a life and career in urban areas outside the state as well as overseas, its English literacy too must be among the highest in India.

Constitutionally, education as a governmental responsibility has been devolved to the various state governments, with minimal involvement of the central federal government. We all understand the basics of past tense and present tense, this can be extremely important when directing people with instructions.

Especially when branching out into new territories and countries. I am not sure there have been any serious efforts to answer them. A few decades ago, there was a lot of pressure from New Delhi political circles to discount English in favour of Hindi, which found most resistance in the southern states.

Basic Terms for Communications

All undergraduate and most post-graduate teaching takes place in the various affiliated colleges, scattered usually within a Km radius of the campuses. The English language can be very confusing when translating because certain words have many meanings and different spellings.

The typical method of teaching consists of explicatory reading of the text … and occasional discussion of grammar points"p.Formal language. You tend to find formal language in academic journals or official documents and notices where it brings an extra degree of seriousness to the subject.

As a general rule, it isn't appropriate for everyday situations. Here are some examples of formal words with their equivalents in standard English - notice that the formal words.

December — Volume 12, Number 3 English in Kerala: Plus ça change? P. Bhaskaran Nayar Lincoln University, United Kingdom Abstract. This article overviews the status, ecology, use, and the teaching/learning of English in the southern Indian state of Kerala.

THE HISTORICAL ANALYSIS OF THE ENGLISH TEACHING IN KERALA N. Sureshkumar “Evolving a new english language acquisition programme at primary level - A cognitive interactionist approach” ultimedescente.comment of.

Thanks for A2A; There is no exact replacement for the for the word I believe to the extent of formal respect it has but there are some suitable words in Malayalam. * 'Angunnu' (an obedient way of showing use it these days, can be o.

Malayalam Basic Terms of Communication translated in English Following is the list of basic terms of communication in English which are converted in Malayalam Language.

Hello: namaskaram. (very formal, so the below informal form is common) Hello. English (language) What is the English meaning of the Malayalam word ‘Bale’? Update Cancel. Sujith Sukesh, lives in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. Answered Aug 11, What is the English meaning of the Malayalam word anandhamiyalum?

Significance and use of english as a formal language in kerala
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