Should drugs be made legal in us

Very few abusers took drugs for "recreational" purposes. The term drug war refers to a situation created when the government puts its power behind the drug laws, zealously enforces them, and imprisons large numbers of drug offenders as if they were enemies in a real war.

Additionally, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, crack, and the rest of the psychoactive drugs are not harmless substances—they have serious negative consequences for the health of users and addictive liability.

This idea is wrong and far from logical. Legalization is an act of neglect and ignorance. If you are being coerced into taking drugs, or are in any doubt about taking a substance, our advice is to always refuse. Some 70 million Americans age 12 and over have tried at least one or more prohibited drugs for the purpose of getting high.

Legalisation removes a whole set of laws that are used to disproportionately bring black people into contact with the criminal justice system. Tsky45 Community Champion Jasmine said: Third, there is the issue of prison overcrowding.

The issue has to be, can a criminal justice system solve this particular problem? Supreme Court has decided that because drugs are such a horrible thing, it is okay to bend the Fourth Amendment which relates to searches and seizures in order to make it easier to secure convictions in drug cases.

Legalisation accepts that drug use is normal and that it is a social issue, not a criminal justice one. There is also no violence associated with the legal tobacco market.

What society would want such problems to escalate. The use of the term victimless is an extremely qualified one. Because drugs are so expensive on the black market, people have to shell out a ton of money for a small amount of substance.

Estimates of employee drug use vary greatly, ranging from 10 percent to 25 percent for the proportion of workers who use drugs occasionally on the job.

Should Drugs Be Legalized?

Countries that operate ultra-prohibitionist policies have very high rates of HIV infection amongst injecting users. Up to one and a half million people use ecstasy every weekend.

I believe that our country should uphold a few basic standards, and keep drugs and the problems they create out of our society. However, it has been proved time and time again that if the people want something they will get it, regardless of the law. Legalisation would help us to disseminate open, honest and truthful information to users and non-users to help them to make decisions about whether and how to use.

As stated by the National Commission of Marijuana and Drug Abuse, "The term abuse has no functional utility and has become no more than an arbitrary code word for that drug which is presently considered wrong" Grolier.

Prohibition has fostered this stereotyping of black people. The time has come for an effective and pragmatic drug policy. Our tax dollars can then be spent on other more important issues than on trying to keep people on drugs in prisons. If drugs are legalized, they will become easily available to everyone, eliminating the need for a black market.

It would help to redress the over representation of black drug offenders in prison. It also removes a tool of political interference by foreign countries against producer nations.

Most of these measures involve law enforcement efforts to interdict or intercept drug supplies at the borders.

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Some 30, physicians were arrested during this period for dispensing narcotics, and some 3, actually served prison sentences.

Many street drugs have been diluted with other substances that are similar looking.Why were various drugs made illegal in the US?

What would happen if drugs were made legal?

Update Cancel. Answer Wiki. 4 Answers. Quora User, lives in The United States of America. What makes a drug legal or illegal? Are drugs that are illegal in the US still illegal when fighting in another country?

Drugs Should Not be Legalized

Should foreclosure be made illegal? In fact, many legal goods cause serious harm, including death. In recent years, about 40 people per year have died from skiing or snowboarding accidents ; almost from bicycle accidents; several thousand from drowning in swimming pools ; more than 20, per year from pharmaceuticals ; more than 30, annually from auto accidents ; and.

All Drugs Should be Legal for Personal Use The war on drugs is costing us over billion dollars to fight each year, and we’re only fighting a monster which we are making bigger with each punch. It’s not drugs, but drug laws themselves that.

Most illegal drugs are no more harmful than legal substances, such as cigarettes and alcohol, and therefore, drugs should be treated the same as these other substances. Legalization would free up billions of dollars that the government now spends on police, courts, and corrections to wage war on drugs and would produce significant tax revenues.

Making drugs legal makes them more conscience accessible and easier on the "The illegal use of psychoactive drugs is vast and extensive in the United States. Some 70 million Americans age 12 and over have tried at least one or more prohibited drugs for the purpose of getting high.

Progressives should oppose drug legalization because the people most likely to be killed, the families most likely to be torn apart, the futures most likely to be destroyed are the very people progressives work hardest to help – the downtrodden, with lower incomes (who, according to government data, are significantly more likely to use drugs).


Should drugs be made legal in us
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