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He plays a vital role in enthusing the people and controlling the chief executive. However, the Act has taken full care of frequent supersession and suspensions.

They still feel that the programmes of these bodies are only minor and thus do not attach any significance to them. In the Zila Parishad in addition to collector, the other officers are secretary of the Parishad, Executive Engineer, District Technical officer, etc.

Preparing annual plan for its activities and submitted to Zilla Parishad for incorporating in its district plan. Please follow and like us: The thrust of the reforms was to make Gram Sabha the base of rural set up.

In the elections all adults who have attained 18 years of age will be entitled to vote. Functions of Gram Sabha — Gram Sabha shall consider the following matters and may make recommendations and suggestions to the Gaon Panchayats; 1.

Looking at the above functions and some special provisions made in the Act, it is amply clear that the new Panchayti raj essay system has undoubtedly empowered the villages to take steps for their all-round development. Panchayats have been the backbone of the Indian villages since the beginning of the recorded history.

First, the earlier PR system was not a political institution but only an implementing body. Implementing adult education programme and non-formal education xv. Though Panchayati Raj legislation and its implementation came like an emotional upsurge yet crisis of village panchayats did not come to an end.

It is very much true that once new vision is successfully portrayed everything else will automatically follow. The state has always had an authoritative relationship with the village and the modern Panchayati Raj continues to function on the basis of the same relationship despite structural changes.

The concern for the rural community has been mostly in jeopardy. But no further action could be taken as the government went out of power after about a year. Elections were held and the new system stood adopted. Body which exists at this level is commonly known as Panchayat Samiti which consists of: The powers and responsibilities to be delegated to Panchayats at the appropriate level are: Indeed, the prosperity of entire country depends on the prosperity and self-sufficiency of the villages.

He can alter any programme of the Panchayat Samiti subject to the ratification of Zila Parishad. The powers and functions of Gram Panchayats are more or less similar in all the states.

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In the present scheme of Panchayati Raj, the villagers have been held responsible for all-round improvement in the village life, including education, sanitation, medical relief—curative and preventive, lighting, housing, maternity and child welfare along with the administration of civil, criminal and revenue justice.

Their administrative functions include looking after village sanitation, construction and maintenance of bridges, wells and ponds, improvement in the health, preventive and curative measures during epidemics, maintenance of village schools, improvement of agriculture and cottage industries etc.

It co-ordinates die work of different Panchayats in the block and looks after development work in the area. But the British rulers in India wanted to change the situation. Preparation and execution of all developmental plans will he the responsibility of these bodies.

It maintains roads and wells, public health services and keeps a record of deaths and births. However, these may not be constituted at intermediate level where population does not exceed 20 lakhs. Development of social and cultural programmes etc. Yet for most of the post-Independence period, Panchayati Raj has not been in good shape.

One very conspicuous aspect of this Act is that the present system empowers the women and the weaker sections SC and ST people of village by giving them representation by a fixed quota at all three levels.

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The Committee suggested a three-tier system of rural local government. One of the important solutions is that masses should be made to realise the significance and effectiveness of the change which is gradually coming through this programme.

He examines the extent of progress achieved in the execution of various schemes and implementation of the decision and resolution of the Zila Parishad and suggests improvements.

But this change cannot be brought by government alone. The villagers get themselves divided into camps which is not in the interest of the village as a whole.

It consists of all the adult citizens who have been entitled to vote. It was emphasized that the states will empower these panchayats adequately, give them adequate finances and bestow upon them proper autonomy in order to enable them to function efficiently and implement programmes of economic development and social justice.Essay on the Achievement of Panchayati Raj System: But it is wrong to believe that the whole system has failed and the nation has gained nothing out of this.

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Its one important achievement is that the villagers have come to understand the magnitude of their problem. The Panchayat raj is a South Asian political system found mainly in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, and is the oldest system of local government in South Asia, and historical mentions date to the c.

Essay on Panchayati Raj System

AD period. The word raj means "rule" and panchayat means "assembly" (ayat) of five (panch).Traditionally. Panchayati Raj refers to self-governing rural local bodies. These are institutions of democratic decentralisation having the purpose of giving power to the local people to participate in and shape the democratic and development process.

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In a vast, diverse and complex subcontinent, decentralisation is a political and administrative imperative. Feudalism has no place in democracy and every effort should be made to instill economic values and practices to build a broad based and solid foundation for economic and social progress and the Panchayati Raj system is the best made to realize it.

24th April, was a landmark day in the history of Panchayati Raj in India as on this day the Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act, came into force to provide constitutional status to the Panchayati Raj institutions.

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