My favourite fruit

Drop me a comment about your thoughts! The uncountable, zero article, generic watermelon gets round the concord problem, and conjures up an acceptable image of tucking into a watermelon without necessarily eating it all.

Carbon is an element. I eat tangerines every day I love them. If not, let concord rule. Lastly, this tasty fruit is rich in minerals and vitamins. And, when I change My favourite fruit to "watermelon" or "pineapple", it seems that we can only say, "My favourite fruit is watermelon.

Mangoes are picked up unripe from the trees and then packed into the boxes along with ethylene which is a plant ripening hormone. The mango fruit is a large and fleshy drupe. L- citrulline is the natural juice in the watermelon that soothes the sore muscles.

Vocabulary: concord: my favourite fruit is/ are....

The asterisk is the device traditionally used to show a grammatically unacceptable example. You can make this in eight easy steps: Nice, delish - harrypotter1 V 17 Comments 18 Plum Plums are the best fruit ever.

My favourite fruit is watermelons conjures up images of eating several at one sitting. My Favorite Fruit is Watermelon Posted on by sheihanna My favorite fruit is watermelon because of its juicy, rich taste.

favourite fruit(s) is/are...

Another similar question is, people would say, "My favourite food is noodles. That is, the agreement of subject and verb.

Especially India and Pakistan have many varieties and thousands of mango orchards. The reason is, I think, that it is not unusual to think of apples, generically, in quantities of more than one, but not elephants.

Less likely, but grammatical, are: Could you help with my questions? They taste super good and refreshing when cold. The mango exists in has two races, one from India and the other from the Philippines and southeast Asia.

Plums are good and oranges, apples, and lemons are okay but honeydew is just so cool and rejuvenating! Sauces and jams are the other products of mango which are making our dining table more attractive, and kids also like to take mango jam in breakfast.

Mangoes fruits contain percent sugar and are an important source of Vitamin A too. There is nothing better than a ripe cantaloupe, and the work to get to the fruit just makes it sweeter.

The elephant is a mammal.Cherimoyas are in my top 5 of favorite fruits!

Essay On My Favorite Fruit | My Favorite Fruit Essay

Most of you guys right now are thinking "what is cherimoya" well it is a type of fruit that has tons of seeds and it is delicious. It is soft jucie goodness in one medium sized fruit. My favourite fruit is apple. We get it in winter season. Generally, it is red in colour. We also get green and golden apples.

They are of different shapes and sizes. Dec 26,  · My favourite fruit is the Mango.

My Favorite Fruit is Watermelon

The mango is a fleshy stone fruit belonging to the genus Mangifera. Mangoes are rich in vitamin A, C, and All Essay. Apr 27,  · In case of My favourite fruit is apples as far as I understand the plural form is used to express the generic use. But I still wonder if My favourite fruit is apple is correct in terms of grammar and why.

Since I pretty much love all types of fruit, save mangoes, which I have an unfortunate allergy to, this was a tough choice today.

I ultimately ended up with pears as they are definitely in my top five. Mostly because they remind me of autumn which is my favorite season, and even more so because they remind me of Christmas, [ ].

What is your favorite fruit? by: demon_lover.

Top Ten Favorite Fruits

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What is your favorite fruit?

i walk on the left side i walk on the right side i walk down the middle cause i am total badass.

My favourite fruit
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