Marriage throughout different cultures

Childbirth methods vary for women in all different cultures. When a woman living in America goes into childbirth, she is immediately taken to a sanitary environment where there are doctors and nurses present and specifically trained to help the woman through the process. It is to this flexibility that Anthropologist Robin Fox attributes its success as a social support system: Almost all cultures have norms governing sex and reproduction; these range from cultural universals such as the incest taboo to legal concepts such as child support.

Abortion in Colombia[ edit ] Colombia has stricter laws regarding abortion than America. Such marriages are illegal in most countries due to incest restrictions.

The baby is delivered at the conclusion of this stage. Cohabitation and Common-law marriage In some jurisdictions cohabitationin certain circumstances, may constitute a common-law marriagean unregistered partnershipor otherwise provide the unmarried partners with various rights and responsibilities; and in some countries the laws recognize cohabitation in lieu of institutional marriage for taxation and social security benefits.

In many societies women marry men who are of higher social status. Tracking the occurrence of polygamy is further complicated in jurisdictions where it has been banned, but continues to be practiced de facto polygamy.

This section relates to same-sex sexual unions. The west generally believe that one needs to have live-in relationship or a long courtship before they can get married to know whether they are sexually as well as generally compatible or not.

The status of multiple wives has varied from one society to another. Judaism and Christianity have mentioned practices involving polygyny in the past, however, outright religious acceptance of such practices was not addressed until its rejection in later passages.

There have been calls for the abolition of polygamy in developing countries. And as late as the 18th century, the French philosopher Montesquieu wrote that any man who was in love with his wife was probably too dull to be loved by another woman.

The best way to understand the reasoning behind such cultures is to put aside your own beliefs, opinions, and preconceived ideas in order to see more clearly before dismissing it as wrong.

Hypergamy Some people want to marry a person with higher or lower status than them. It is in the major outlook on relationships that Indians are vastly different, in the way they perceive the institution of marriage, to those beliefs of other countries especially in the west.

Types of marriages

This can be interpreted as a form of plural mating, as are those societies dominated by female-headed families in the CaribbeanMauritius and Brazil where there is frequent rotation of unmarried partners. The Codex Justinianus was the basis of European law for 1, years.Explore the Variations of Marriage in Different Cultures Marriage is an institution that has formed the foundation of families throughout history.

However, the traditions that surround marriage ceremonies, choosing a marriage partner, as well as the obligations and rights of marriage differ from one culture to another. Transcript of Marriage Rituals Throughout Different Cultures. Marriage Ceremony Different Customs Prior to and after the Wedding Conclusion References Marriages In Different Cultures By: Brittany Bradley, Macy Ginter, and Rachel Willoughby comms informative speech A.

Cultural Anthropology/Marriage, Reproduction and Kinship

In different cultures, marriage means different things. And even within cultures, marriage means different things to different people. Throughout Muslim countries, marriage is an institution where women are utterly dominated by men. The practice of forced marriages is nowhere more popular than it is in Muslim countries.

The ancient Hebrews, for instance, engaged in polygamy — according to the Bible, King Solomon had wives and concubines — and men have taken multiple wives in cultures throughout the. Different periods of time and various cultures have very dissimilar histories when it comes to women.

Ancient Egypt, in theory, gave women equal rights, but it wasn't always practiced. Medieval women, on the other hand, faced. Marriage, a History Long ago, love was a silly reason for a match.

The Culture of Arranged Marriages in India

How marriage has changed over history. By PT Staff, published May 1, - last reviewed on June 9,

Marriage throughout different cultures
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