Management case study coca cola company

Although the company is said to be the biggest bottler of soft drinks, they do not bottle much.

Case Study: Quality Management System at Coca Cola Company

Coca Cola is a leading beverage brand known for excellent human resource management. It provides the associates with an opportunity to assess their annual performance against the set goals and objectives. It ensures that all the people who are working for it have the resources that enable them to learn and build their careers.

Quality tests include, the CO2 and sugar values, micro testing, packaging quality and cap tightness. At Coca Cola the employees are encouraged to seek training through its annual performance review system.

The machine performed revolutions around the products wrapping it in plastic until the contents were secure. Any faulty products are taken off the main production line. However, Coca Cola also employs other methods of employee engagement and motivation.

Coca-Cola also uses Total Quality Management TQMwhich involves the management of quality at every level of the organisationincluding; suppliers, production, customers etc. This is done by a computer which every bottle passes through during the production process. Br providing the employees with a learning environment, coca cola ensures that they receive continuous learning and find continuous growth in their jobs.

It is also easy to implement and is cost effective. Employee motivation and engagement have become critical to organizational success. Instead, Coca Cola Company manufactures a syrup concentrate, which is bought by bottlers all over the world. However, apart from diversity, inclusion and employee empowerment are valued at Coca Cola.

Coca Cola ensures that its reward programs are benchmarked regularly against a group of peers that include key players in local and global markets. In this regard it also holds regular dialogues with its employees as well as organizes employee surveys and representative groups.

For this purpose the company has used several programs that keep the employees engaged.

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First, he says it will act with even more transparency.Case study: Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is the world’s best-known beverage company. It traditionally manufactured concentrates, syrups and powders and sold them to authorised bottling partners, who. Human Resource Management practices at Coca Cola: An environment driven by learning and Inclusion.

Most global companies have understood the importance of Human Resource management for. In Coca-Cola company, decision which always takes by the top manager can related to the packaging positioning, trade discounts, advertisement, price reductions and distribution. So as a conclusion of planning, planning is the first tool of the four functions in the management process.

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Case Study: Coca-Cola PR Crisis Management

Coca-Cola is the product that has given the world its best-known taste was born in Atlanta Georgia, on May 8, Coca-Cola Company is the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of non-alcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups, used to produce nearly beverage brands Coca-Cola 5/5(43).

Case Study: Quality Management System at Coca Cola Company Coca Cola’s history can be traced back to a man called Asa Candler, who bought a specific formula from a pharmacist named Smith Pemberton. Two years later, Asa founded his business and started production of soft drinks based on the formula he had bought.

Management case study coca cola company
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