Gcse history international relations notes

Provide students with this detailed list of possible questions to revise from as a homework, then set one of them as a practice question in timed conditions.

This cover sheet establishes the relevance of the topic. Germany, Britain and France: I produced this after I felt that the textbooks did not cover the subject sufficiently clearly.

History- Unit 1- International Relations

A great 10 minute exercise in which students analyse the meaning of a famous photograph and realise that propaganda is not just the preserve of dictatorships One will focus on the first crisis, one on the second. Causes of World War Two, The other worksheets in this short unit can be collated together as a printable pack if desired.

The Historiography of World War Two: A Google Earth tour, complete with a worksheetdesigned to teach students about the main events, but also to encourage them to reflect on the shifting pattern of international alliances.

Students produce a series of diagrams illustrating the changing shape of international relations during the s through the assistance of a detailed timeline.

Their job is to connect the factors together meaningfully and then translate this into a written piece. A more advanced question for students beyond GCSE.

Events in the s This task can be attempted at any point during this part of the unit, and would be an ideal homework activity.

Students consolidate their knowledge by analysing a series of political cartoons relating to the Manchurian and Abyssinian Crises. A thorough way of rounding off the unit and looking at the evidence from a fresh perspective. Here are some sample outcomes from my own students: This worksheet can be used to accompany the pack.

Students are presented with a skeleton flowchart outlining 6 main causes of World War Two. They should then construct an essay about the causes, course and consequences of their allocated crisis using the cartoons about Manchuria or Abyssinia as appropriate.

An Google Earth flyover [interactive] Designed as an alternative to the above worksheet. The AJP Taylor debate is explained here clearly, with discussion points attached and reference made to other historians who have contributed to the debate.

Why did the communists and the Nazis become allies? What Caused World War Two? Students are provided with a writing frame which helps them compare and contrast the causes, course and consequences of the two crises.International Relations Since Welcome to Mr Allsop History.

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GCSE Modern World History activities.

History International Relations

History Audio Bites. Fed up with reading? Give your ears a treat and listen to some History audio.

International Relations () (ultimedescente.com) excellent revision resources including Revision weblinks, Interactive diagrams, Games and quizzes.

International Relations Modern World History GCSE and IGCSE Revision Podcasts designed to help with GCSE and IGCSE history revision.

GCSE History Notes Contents 1 Woodrow Wilson’s 14 Points 5 2 The Paris Peace Conference & The Treaty of Versailles 6 NOTE: Points 1–5 were designed to promote better international relations.

Points 6–14 were designed to ensure freedom and self-determination for the nations and peoples (subject nationalities) of the world.

Download revision notes and revision activities to help you with your exam preparation. Paper 1 International Relations Since International Relations since RN.

Gcse history international relations notes
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