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However, two parties can be bound, at least to continue negotiating in good faith, by preliminary negotiations that nonetheless leave some terms open. Indefiniteness is no longer fatal to a contract, but the discussion you ye relayed probably does not contain sufficient detail for a court to determine the terms of the underlying agreement.

For instance, if the Statute of Frauds is not implicated on a particular question, do not spend time on it. As a final note, given the questionable reasonableness of your reliance, you may want to consider settling with Willie, perhaps trying to own the building in a partnership or paying him to transfer title to you.

Do what works best for you, and this may include commercial outlines or not preparing a conventional outline at all. Wilkoff sent an email requesting a response seven days after he supposedly left on vacation. The primary difficulty here will be showing that Willie should reasonably have expected you to rely on his April 22nd email.

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She even said that she did not want "to make a premature judgment," which implies that she would not do anything rash. Finally, revise current terms of your contract to include greater specificity where conflicts have arisen or you expect they might in the future.

Baxendalebut this is not necessary and you can get a top grade in my class without citing a single case. Nigella will argue that she accepted your offer implicitly in the May 11 Washington Post article.

There will not be enough time or space to discuss every possible argument or issue, and part of what the exam tests Contract exam essay questions is your ability to judge which issues are most important and which are less so. First, Bobby operates a franchise and thus must abide by certain policies set forth by ABC as discussed above.

If not, what will the court do instead? Such provisions would include precisely how much autonomy she possesses as a franchisee and to what extent she must abide to the policies set forth by the owner company. There was never a prohibition in the contract against this.

Lastly, Bobby could argue that the way ABC is interpreting the contract is unconscionable and that its discretion over policy changes is used in a manner that violates the implied duty of good faith. When discussing doctrine, you should always connect it to the fact situation in an integrated manner, as the top student answers do.

Second, we are on similarly questionable ground concerning Paragraph 3 of her contract, but additionally we are probably violating an implied duty of best efforts. Model answers included for every exam. In this claim, you would seek court-ordered good faith completion of your negotiations with Wilkoff.

Also, specific performance is usually available only when money damages are inadequate, as is the case here because an expectation damages calculation would be extremely uncertain given that there is no sure way to estimate profits.

Unfortunately, this claim would probably fail as well. As a supplementary addendum, it would be helpful if there was a clause stipulating a quid pro quo for any business taken from her by the owning business. Additionally, the extra time gives you a chance to think about the problem and write a more coherent answer.

It picks people up at 10 am and drops them off in the north end at 11 am.


That said, in favor of enforcing the liquidated damages clause, despite the fact that it was in fine print, you did notice it, and as a sophisticated businessman you could have negotiated for a change. This crucial distinction is largely an interpretive matter.

Additionally, since an anchor tenant would be a lessee of more than one year, the Statute of Frauds should apply and prevent binding effect of any non-written offer the description of the May 10th contact implies a telephone conversation with back-and-forth descriptions of the conversation and verbs like "told" and "complained", though it could have been otherwise.

Your situation does not meet the other elements of the test. Given Brewster recent investments, she is likely to want to renew. This would assuage some of your short-term financial concerns, and also keep you in business with a respected corporation in a known neighborhood.

If you read the article and recognized her statement of intent as acceptance, then a binding contract was formed. This argument would successfully defeat a contention that the deal for sale of land was completed, but we are not making such an argument.

You would not be liable for any costs accrued after May 13, when you told the company to stop working. Further, a floating royalty rate seems to make sense. Busch was a lazy and largely useless individual whose only strategy in life seemed to be to gamble away his trust funds and wait for his wealthy relatives to die so he could inherit his fortune and move to the big city.

While this requirement has been relaxed in modern courts, a verbal, informal offer, without even nominal consideration, is still not binding. Also, ABC still retains the obligation to assist Bobby in acquiring national accounts so even if a few are moved away from her, ABC can just as easily offer her new opportunities elsewhere.

We will also have to show that failure to enforce the promise would be unjust; this will depend on largely the same arguments and whether a court believes that you should not have taken the steps you did in reliance.

Although not obligated to accept your offer, he does have a good faith obligation to consider your offer. This is will be especially important in that it will void the exclusivity clause.Top Student Exam Answers, Contracts: Fall Note: However, they all take intelligent approaches to the questions, are well organized and reasoned, and make sensitive use of the facts.

The new ABC business strategy is more likely than not a breach of Bobby's franchisee contract. There are two main arguments that Bobby will. Contracts I Fall Exam: Contracts I Fall Answer () Contracts II Spring Exam: Contracts II Spring Answer () Contracts Fall Exam: Contracts Fall Answer () Contracts Fall Answer () SHARE PAGE.

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Past Exam Questions for the California Bar Exam and the First-Year Law Students' Exam. Contracts Practice Exam. Instructions: Read the following fact pattern, and answer the question.

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Here's the contract." The terms are that Laura can pay off the $ over the course of a year in 12 equal installments, or $ a month. If Laura defaults on any payment then Eddie gets to repossess the car and keep all of the payments.

Contract Law Essays. The selection of contract law essays below have been submitted to us by students in order to help you with your studies. Please remember to reference if you wish to cite any of these essays in your own work. FINAL EXAMINATION PROFESSOR JIMENEZ CONTRACTS I, SECTION 2 FALL SEMESTER, EXAM NO._____ 3 ESSAY QUESTIONS Question 1 You are Heracles, a trial judge of the state of Utopia, a common law jurisdiction in the U.S.


Contract exam essay questions
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