Can a young people teaches older

Generation game: what can students and the elderly teach each other?

Jonathan Paxton 0 Comments Britain has an aging population. Payton Holcomb, age 14, who connected with Mentor Up through her local 4H group in Texas, was quick to realize she owes much to those who came before.

In my opinion, there are yet tonnes of things that the older people can learn from young people including technologies where the young people always excel than the elder generation.

As technology has evolved, practical skills such as manufacturing furniture and clothes and navigating by the stars were known by less than half of people and over three quarters of people surveyed felt that traditional skills were dying out.

Older adults often struggle to keep up with technological tools like texting and email that have long since become basic to younger generations. Morals Grandparents always try to educate their grandchildren about the moral values.

They may be regretting for not doing things they wished to when they had the chance. Terri Totente, age 70, a retired former executive assistant, has organized several Mentor Up tech support events in Fruita, Colorado, where she lives, and in nearby Grand Junction.

These are the people who can put us in the right path as they know about life more than we do. For example, when my friend was hired as a software developer, he surprised everybody with his energy, a bunch of new and fresh ideas about what could be done to improve the process.

There is nothing that young people can teach older people. Unclear how it was any different from or better than a typewriter, she felt intimidated and slow to catch up with technology.

To conclude, I think that young people have many things to teach older people. Elders have hard time to adjust for this type of work culture. Young people have a powerful important role to play and can lessen the feelings of isolation and loneliness in older adults just by spending time.

I see my great-niece, who is two, touching the iPad with ease. Old people would have faced these kinds of situations so many times throughout their life and figured out how to deal with it. The scheme has continued off-screen after successful results. You should write at least words.

He was the youngest person in the team but everybody listened to him and it was like a fresh air, an impulse, which made everyone work harder.

They inspire you to adapt to the mishaps that come along with life. Young people can always teach the older how to use technologies and those modern tools. Furthermore, knowledge is always exchanged with others, as young people learn many things from elders, likewise, even elders have lot of things to know about.

From many years there is a generation gap between elders and youngsters regarding many things. From this, students will develop an understanding of elderly people and learn to work with someone they just met.

The elderly know that tomorrow will vanish soon enough and that young people are unsuccessful in realizing it. Ours is a culture that tends to worship youthfulness with uncanny fervor, which can leave older adults feeling less than relevant, while depriving the young and old of vital chances to connect and learn from one another.

It is in our hands to make use of the insight they are providing.

Can young people teach older people?

Consequently, I totally disagree with the statement that young people can teach older people nothing. Even the senior employees of this office learned from this young person.

Sharing knowledge From this month, around a dozen students from Oak Lodge, a special needs school, will visit the Nightingale House care home every week to teach residents basic sign language, before working together on a ceramics and photography project.

It is very interesting to know about their adventures and the places they travelled to. So, they try to get more knowledge and experience from different sources like Internet, books, newspaper, magazines and of cause from conversations with other people.

Processed food and ready meals are so easily available today it is far too easy to live without cooking a square meal. Finally, young people often know more about new technologies and how to use these. Once a month, people bring their devices and ask questions or get tech support.

And no one can help you more than your grandmother when it comes to learning how to cook. For several reasons, I think that young people can teach older people many things.

Arguably the most important skill we learn from our parents is parenting itself. Use specific reasons and examples to support your position.

Many elders are new to the technological advancement. Possibly we should recognize and celebrate their sophistication and foresight!To my ear this statement sounds false and a little too fare-fetched - Can a Young People Teaches Older People Essay introduction. It is truth universally acknowledged that the old people have volumes of experience, while the young have the energy and lots of creative power.

Therefore I think that it’s not suitable to take. Knowledge sharing is always the give and take thing in life, it doesn't matter if a youngster teaches the elder. I disagree the following statement that there is nothing that young people can teach older people.

First of all, young people are more open minded than elders, because young people are more determined, have lot of patience to learn.

These Young People Are Helping Older Adults Stay Current With Technology By Jordan E. Rosenfeld / AlterNet.

July 13,AM GMT When Mentor Up began focus groups and shared with. 10 Life Lessons You Can Learn From the Smartest Older People. The lesson here for young people: Do not hesitate to switch interests, majors, or fields of concentration. Find your preference or.

I think young people can learn older people a lot, if you see, most older people are not really tolerant vs gay marriage and "new" things like that, we can learn them or at least try to be less conservative.

Generation game: what can students and the elderly teach each other?

Can a Young People Teaches Older People Essay

and older people don’t do that. Someone older can often be a role model too, and that can be incredibly stimulating.

Can a young people teaches older
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