An overview of the sexual harassment at clark atlanta university

Clark Atlanta University Diversity: How Great is it?

False Reports Clark University will not tolerate intentional false reporting of incidents. All formal complaints will be promptly and thoroughly investigated. Confidentiality, however, cannot be guaranteed under certain laws.

Neither the initial hearing officers nor the Title IX Coordinator or any appeals body or officer will deviate from the range of recommended sanctions unless compelling justification exists to do so. The traditional student is between the ages of What is the Age Range of the Students?

It is less severe than alcohol poisoning or overdose, which may lead to coma or death. Back to Top 4. A victim who speaks to a professional or non-professional counselor or advocate must understand that, if the victim wants to maintain confidentiality, the University may be unable to conduct an investigation into the particular incident or pursue disciplinary action against the alleged perpetrator.

Faculty, in particular, should be aware that amorous or sexual relationships between faculty and students are inimical to the education process and are strongly discouraged by the University. You should settle for nothing less, especially at your workplace.

Training and Outreach

Classroom Discussions and Assignments Classroom discussions and assignments where a student discloses a sexual offense that may have occurred while a student at Clark are not considered to be confidential and must be reported to the Title IX Coordinator. These laws give you specific rights and remedies if you experience sexual harassment in the workplace.

Examples of relationship abuse include, but are not limited to: While not bound by confidentiality, these individuals will be discreet and respect the privacy of all individuals involved in the process. In some cases, they believe that they are to blame for the harassment or for letting it go on as long as it did.

Privacy and confidentiality are maintained to the extent possible, with information being shared only with those administrators with a compelling need to know for the purpose of investigating or resolving the complaint.

Throughout the process, every effort will be made to protect the privacy interests of all individuals involved in a manner consistent with the need for a thorough review of the report.

Relationship abuse can occur between current or former intimate partners who have dated, lived together, have a child together, currently reside together on or off campus, or who otherwise connected through a past or existing relationship. While violations cannot be completely overlooked, the University will provide educational options, rather than punishment, in such cases.

Consent to sexual activity may be withdrawn at any time, as long as the withdrawal is communicated clearly. Healthcare Professionals Confidential physical health services are available, including physical exams and testing for sexually transmitted infections STIs and pregnancy. The initial discussion between someone reporting sexual harassment or the Complainant and the appropriate university official will be handled with sensitivity and discretion.

Sexual Offense Policy

Sexual harassment is illegal and is prohibited by both state and federal statutes and is treated as a form of sexual discrimination by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.An Overview of the Sexual Harassment at Clark Atlanta University PAGES WORDS 2, View Full Essay.

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Clark University, founded inoffers 30+ majors, 19 master's degrees, and nine Ph.D. programs to help you challenge convention and change our world. It is the policy of Clark University that any practice or behavior by a member of the Clark community, male or female, that constitutes sexual harassment, gender discrimination, or any other inappropriate interference with a person's.

8 OVERVIEW OF THE UNIVERSITY HISTORY Clark Atlanta University is a comprehensive, private, urban, coeducational institution of higher education with a predominantly African-American heritage. Clark Atlanta University doctoral student Tayler Mathews pauses as she speaks at her apartment home on Friday, Sept.

Human Resources

29, Student sexual harassment complaints have increased in the past. Home > Field Offices > Atlanta District Office Training and Outreach Outreach and Education. with harassment and an overview of EEO laws our most requested topics. We can also tailor a training program to an individual employer's needs.

The EEOC Training Institute also offers seminars, courses, workshops, and conferences on EEO .

An overview of the sexual harassment at clark atlanta university
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