An analysis of the novel a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith

The setting is an area of Brooklyn called Williamsburg. Sissy is kind, compassionate and beautiful, and many men fall in love with her. Unfortunately, Katie allows Neeley to go back to school instead of Francie, since they can only afford to send one. Francie shares a great admiration for her father, Johnny Nolan, and wishes for an improved relationship with her mother, hardworking Katie Nolan, recognizing similar traits in her mother and herself that she believes are a barrier to true understanding.

Gender roles are more fluid in A Tree than in previous novels about young people. As Francie discovers her desire for companionship, she begins to understand the injustices women are often forced to endure when pregnant out of wedlock. Francie takes care of her mother in the few days before her delivery, and although she and Katie fight, Francie values her more, knowing the pain and suffering of losing a parent.

Johnny figures out a way for Francie to transfer to this kinder school, where rich children are not favored over poor children like Francie. She invites him out to a dance for Saturday evening, but he is not interested. She also notes the differences in religious beliefs.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is the coming-of-age story of Francie Nolan, who is eleven years old when the story begins.

After she finds work as a teletype operator, she makes a new plan for her education, choosing to skip high school and take summer college-level courses. Although Francie has a good job, she desperately wants to go to high school.

While considered throughout most of the novel to be in less dire circumstances than Katie, Evy struggles with her lazy husband Willie, a milk-wagon driver. Also, Katie is pregnant again, which the narrator suggests, makes Johnny all the weaker.

Katie is a hardworking, practical woman whose youthful romanticism has been replaced by a frigid realism that often prevents her from sympathizing with those who love her most. Francie starts working in a factory and then gets a job in a clippings bureau, where she reads papers from all over the country, and learns about the world.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn: Theme Analysis

Elizabeth and George divorce inand she begins calling herself Betty Smith. These descriptions are filtered through her understanding of each of these people, so readers see the neighborhood as Francie sees it. Francie pays one last visit to some of her favorite childhood places and reflects on all the people who have come and gone in her life.

The extra money that the children earned and saved is given to Katie to be placed in the tin can. InKatie accepts a marriage proposal from Michael McShane, a retired police officer who has long admired her and has become a wealthy businessman and politician since leaving the force.

This particular Saturday is typical. There is a tree growing in the area that survives no matter how poor the soil or water.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

She falls in love with Bob Finch, a fellow playwriting student at Yale. Katie explains love and sexuality to Francie from two somewhat clashing points of view: There is a natural conflict between the two groups.

At the beginning of the novel, and immediately after alluding to the tree of the title, the novel tells of how Francie makes money as an 11 year old by collecting rubbish all week. The young Johnny and Katie support themselves by working as janitors in a public school, but their lives become more stressful when Katie becomes pregnant.

Instead it is described as a Tree of Heaven because it grows only where the poor live. He has a beautiful voice, a talent that is greatly admired but that is largely wasted because of his reputation as an alcoholic. She is a first-generation immigrant with an evil father and an angelic mother who emigrated from Austria.

Although she wants to use her salary to start high school in the fall, Katie decides to send Neeley instead, reasoning that he will only continue learning if he is forced into it, while Francie will find a way to do it on her own.

During the summer after graduation from elementary school, Francie begins to work at a factory that produces what? Kate resents Francie because the baby is constantly ill, while Neeley is more robust.

The first chapter of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn takes place in Because Johnny is an alcoholic and can rarely hold down a job, Katie becomes the family breadwinner by cleaning apartment buildings. The Nolans move out of their apartment the day before the wedding while Francie gets ready to leave for college at University of Michigan.

Readers are also introduced to Johnny Nolan in these opening chapters. Francie also remarks on the differences between pregnant Jewish women and pregnant Irish women, and she has observed that the Christians line up to buy Jewish bread.

As Francie grows up, Johnny comes home drunk more and more often. America enters World War I, and the world is changing.A Tree Grows in Brooklyn begins on a Saturday afternoon in the summer of in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where a tree called the Tree of Heaven grows amidst the tenement houses.

Francie Nolan is eleven years old, and she and her brother are collecting junk to exchange for pennies. Learn Novel: From A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith with free interactive flashcards.

Choose from 10 different sets of Novel: From A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith flashcards on Quizlet. Chapter 1: The first chapter of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn takes place in The setting is an area of Brooklyn called Williamsburg.

The area is one of poverty, filled with recent immigrant families who are impoverished. There is a tree growing in the area that survives no matter how poor the soil or water.

Betty begins writing an autobiographical novel in the late s, which will eventually become A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, published in Twentieth Century Fox purchases the film rights, with half the money going to the publisher, Harper & Brothers.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a semi-autobiographical novel written by Betty Smith. The story focuses on an impoverished but aspirational adolescent girl and her family living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York City, during. Historical FictionIf we use the broadest lens, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is the story of a very specific time and place.

Because Betty Smith has good instincts for including details from the time, w.

An analysis of the novel a tree grows in brooklyn by betty smith
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