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Works Cited Friedman, Thomas L.

30 little turtle by Thomas L Friedman

Stephanie chose to use the bulk of her essay to prove her rhetorical points such as: I believe that Friedman was trying to end on a positive note, because the story was written with a positive demeanor.

Friedman says that outsourcing has helped international relationshups between India and other countries like America and Canada. Finallly, she believes that Friedman ended his article too abruptly and thinks that it leaves the audience wanting more.

Stephanie uses only one signifcant quote and that is "we make not only a more prosperous world, but a safer world for 30 little turtles thesis year-olds. This makes one think, how credible is Friedman after all? Some effective tags that she uses are "Friedman asks the reader" and "Friedman states,"clearly giving ownership to what he had said.

She examines how he over generalizes Indians through a single observation. Stephanie uses the quotations "Indians are so hospitable. She places attributive tags everywhere they are needed in the article and none where they are not. Stephanie Malinowski uses many attributive tags to give full credit for what Friedman has written in his article.

It sounded great that Indians in need were getting the self-confidence, independence, and financial help that they needed. The only thing that Friedman did rhetorically correct is the medium in which he writes his piece.

She could have used a few more examples and quotations on her point of Friedman coming to an abrupt end of his article. Also, I would go into more detail about the negative aspects of outsourcing and some of the problems it causes, instead of just using positive aspects.

It makes so much sense if by dropping a few lower opportunity and low wage American jobs it could improve the lives of so many other people. She writes that Friedman only expounds on the positive parts of the Stephanie makes another point that Friedman makes large overgeneralizations on his few experiences with Indian outsourcing that all of the Indians are hospitable.

Friedman, a New York Times author, about his experience with outsourcing in India. She explains how Friedman uses his short experience at a call center to create his argument in support of outsourcing. When explaining her points she uses alot of examples and quotations from "30 Little Turtles" that support her points.

Malinowski asks how Friedman can come to this conclusion from one trip to an Indian call center. This is a great example for Malinowski to use if she is trying to show how unprofessional and unreliable Friedman is.

One of the the best of examples and quotation that Malinowski uses are when she says that Friedman overgeneralized based on few experiences. However, if these young men got financial aid from a stable job perhaps their lives would turn out differently.In “30 Little Turtles”, by Thomas L. Friedman, he states that there are many American jobs that are being outsourced to people in India.

He states that “some do ‘outbound’ calls, selling things from credit cards to phone services to Americans and Europeans. OP-ED COLUMNIST 30 Little Turtles By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN ANGALORE, India Indians are so hospitable. I got an ovation the other day from a roomful of Indian year-olds just for reading perfectly the following paragraph: "A bottle of bottled water held 30 little turtles.

Rhetorical Critique of the article 30 Little Turtles Custom Essay

It didn't matter that each turtle had to. 30 Little Turtles is an article written by Thomas Friedman for the New York Times. It is aimed at educating the American public about the outsourcing of jobs to places such as India and Pakistan. In this article, Friedman presents a very narrow-minded argument with an air of superiority and extreme ethnocentrism.

Thirty Little Turles In 30 Little Turtle by Thomas L. Fridam, as he sits in the accent neutralization among 20 year old Indians, he believes that outsourcing isnt. Oct 02,  · Malinowski, Stephanie. “Questioning Thomas L. Friedman’s Optimism in ’30 Little Turtles.’” The Allyn & Bacon Guide to Writing.

John D. Ramage, John C Bean, and June Johnson. 5th ed. Oct 01,  · Analyzing a Few Things About 30 Little Turtles In "Questioning Thomas L. Friedman's Optimism in '30 Little Turtles'," Stephanie Malinowksi, a student writer, writes in response to Thomas L.

Friedman, a New York Times author, about his experience with outsourcing in India.

30 little turtles thesis
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